Celestial Oceanz Q&A

About Celestial Oceanz 

  • Q* What is Celestial Oceanz?

A* A small business run independently by me, u can call "me" ocean moon. This started off as me just selling my acrylic paintings, and prints and along the journey I discovered some new passions. 

  • Q* What do you sell?

A* I sell my all my own 1/1 clothing designs and art. I sometimes do small drops of the same designs with different color and size variations but mostly everything I make is a 1/1 piece of wearable art

  • Q* Who sews the clothing you sell?

A* I do. I start from white rolls of fabric and hand dye pieces individually and then cut them up to sew, and so much more. I also design a handful of my own fabrics using my graphic designs. I make all my patterns myself from scratch by drawing out designs to draping fabric on my mannequin. 

  • Q* What are your prices based off?

A* The amount of energy and money that's put into the product. The fabrics I buy are very expensive and my prices are mostly based off of that solely, but when I put a crazy amount of time into one piece the price reflects deeply on that.

  • Q* Why am I doing this?

A* It lights a fire in my soul, and has taught me so many valuable life lessons. Also because I don't agree with fast fashion and its impact it has on our environment. When love is sewn into your clothing it radiates through your skin to your soul... Deep I know.. but trust me its true. 

  • Q* Who are you? 

A* Well I don't have to much of a story yet because its only just begun, I was born on 2/2/99. I was born in South Lake Tahoe Ca, and have moved around a bunch since then. I spent some of my most memorable times in Petaluma Ca, and Tahoe. I found myself completely grounded in Tahoe and it will forever be my home. I have 2 Deadhead parents who helped me and motivated my lifestyle deeply. They are a big influence on who I am, they allowed me to grow up free and make mistakes and learn valuable lessons at a very young age. I also have a little brother who is the most rad unique lil man ever his names August West n he's gonna do grand things. Im currently floating in my own Celestial Ocean trying to figure out my life


  • Q* How did you start sewing?

A* When I first started sewing I had very little money to buy a set up that I needed. I started off with hand sewing and upcycling little things I had around the house, and doing lots of random tie dying projects. When I could set 100$ a side I then went to Walmart and bought the cheapest 60$ Brother machine I could, and spent the rest on good sissors and clothing from the thrift store to make little things out of. I first started dabbling in appliqué and patch making, until I could understand how to draft a pattern. Thats where things get real tricky and frustrating. Pattern making its self is such a precise art that you have to be really perfect with. I just now can say after 1 full year of sewing for 8+ hours a day that I'm happy with my patterns and have created quality full proof patterns for sizes Xs-L, I faced so much failure and waste of good fabric until my patterns were perfect. 


  • Q* Where do you get your Organic Fabrics?

A* I get them all online, from Hemp Traders, Natures Fabrics, Envirotextles, and Simplifi Fabrics. 


  • Q* What can I do to become a better seamstress?

A* I get this question often on my IG page from young beginning seamstresses and all I can say is just keep practicing and pouring your all into your work, and your growth will just happen. The more time you out into any art form the better you'll get.