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Celestial Oceanz 

Where you meet the Eco Friendly Space Drip you’ve been waiting for. Custom One of a kind slow fashion uniquely crafted by Ocean Moon. With Fast Fashion having such a big impact on our environment and Ocean I specialize in sustainable fashion and using high quality Organic Fibers, my main staple is Hemp Fabric but I use bamboo and organic cotton as well. I am also a mixed media painter channeling the in between to bring my visions to life. Over the years iv created a handful of original mixed media paintings that I have prints available of. Mixed with creating original hemp designs I also source vintage clothing that I paint ontop of with soft fabric paint, And I cut up and alter vintage designs with my hemp/bamboo fibers to create a variety of mens womens and unisex designs that I drafted up and designed myself. Everything is made with the intentions to embrace your unique self and to feel as comfortable in every way possible with yourself and with the clothing you’re choosing to adorn your body in. Its time to start making a difference and get your CELESTIAL DRIP ON~ 

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