Shipping and Shop Polices


My Ready to ship items my shipping time frame is from 1-14 business days.
On my Made to Order Custom products my shipping time is from 1-5 months I sometimes will take a little longer than 5 months depending on the design but I will include a random free product of mine in your order if the wait has been after 5 months  and will keep you updated.  Once your order has shipped you will get a tracking update in your emails. Feel free to contact me to get an estimate on your ship wait time. Sometimes its hard to be accurate with my estimates because of the amount of orders I receive. Thank you for understanding.


Shop Policy's 


This is a completly independently run clothing business, I'm not a big professional company with lot of help or a fast production time, my work takes time to make with quality in mind, but I love what I do and I love making clothes for others, if there is a problem with your order don't hesitate to reach out. I offer free repairs and adjustments to anyone who has placed an order, and will always try my hardest to make sure your completely satisfied with your purchase. 

Im sorry but I don't accept refunds currently. In select cases I will definitely offer them and if your overall unsatisfied with your purchase I will refund you for your item but not the cost of shipping. 


With this being a very small independent shop I don't have a bank account big enough to back up refunds. I have a size chart so you can make sure the garment your ordering is your size. 

I will ONLY offer a refund if the item you recived is either

  • Damaged ( Meaning ripped, seams falling apart, etc.) ¬†
  • Not within my 1-5 Month Shipping/processing time frame.¬†

Order Cancelations 

For ready to ship you can cancel your order within 1-2 days prior to purchase, after that it will already be in the shipping stage and can not be accepted. 

For made to order designs you can cancel your order within 1-7 days prior to purchase. 

Anything thats not in that 1-7 day time frame will already be getting sewn and processed and can not be accepted.