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Haven't really had the energy to pour my mind out on here, but I figured a good way to let you all in whats poppin in my life was to start blogging about it! I jounral all the time so might as well just be vulnerable and share my thoughts with everyone! usually helps me process them when I share them. We'll might as well start it off with where my mind has been at for the last year. Haven't been in the best mental state battling a lot of depression and feelings I blocked out, recently this summer iv been facing a lot of feelings that I blocked out and tried to suppressed, only making myself more drained and depressed in the process. Im constantly craving change in a lot of aspects of my life, and iv been living in Vermont for the last 2 years, coming from California Vermont isn't really my place when it comes to socializing, iv completely isolated myself forcing myself to really accept and learn to love all this free alone time, teaching me to cherish the few friends that I do have. Lots of personal growth has been done here but now its time to uproot and spread my branches further into the world. Planning on working and saving up enough bread this winter to move back out west to Arizona in the spring. Currently just going with the flow and planning on where I want to take this clothing business that iv made for myself.

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  • Kayla

    Hi! I met you in the post office while you were mailing your packages. Just thought it was hilarious because me and my sister who you met are also planning on visiting Arizona this spring 😂 small world. Your business is so impressive and I love all your pictures! Good luck in the future!

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